Changing the display theme

If you are using the Window XP operating system, you can control the overall appearance of Quattro Pro by changing the display theme. The display theme determines the look of the application by specifying the color of the dialog box controls and title bars.

To change the Quattro Pro display theme

Wordperfect Quattro Pro btnbacktotopproc Changing the display theme
Click Tools Wordperfect Quattro Pro onestep Changing the display theme Settings.
In the Workspace, Application list of categories, click Theme.
Choose one of the following themes from the Interface theme list box:
Windows XP theme — determines the look of the Quattro Pro title bars
WordPerfect Office Legacy theme — applies the Quattro Pro Office Legacy theme to the Quattro Pro desktop. If you are not using Windows XP as your operating system, the WordPerfect Office Legacy theme is applied.
WordPerfect Office theme — determines the look of the Quattro Pro dialog box controls and title bars

Wordperfect Quattro Pro note Changing the display theme

To apply the Windows XP or WordPerfect Office themes, you need to select the Windows XP theme in your operating system.
Quattro Pro supports only the Blue, Olive green, and the Silver color themes. Therefore, if your operating system is set to a theme other than Blue, Olive green, or Silver, the Blue theme is displayed in Quattro Pro by default.

Changing the display theme