Understanding object properties

The following examples show how you can manipulate the property of an object: the Disabled property of a bitmap button named Bitmap1 in a dialog box named Dialog1.

Example 1

The following example gets the setting is stored in B:C32:

  {GETOBJECTPROPERTY B:C32,"Dialog1:Bitmap1.Disabled"}   

Example 2

In the following example, the link command disables the button:

  ON Init SET Yes TO Dialog1:Bitmap1.Disabled   

Example 3

The following example disables the button:

  @PROPERTY("Dialog1:Bitmap1.Disabled")   {SETOBJECTPROPERTY "Dialog1:Bitmap1.Disabled","No"}   

Wordperfect Quattro Pro note Understanding object properties

{SETPROPERTY} and {GETPROPERTY} work on the selected object, and just take the name of the property to manipulate.

Understanding object properties