Printing to a file

You can print to a file instead of to a printer. This is useful if you don’t have a printer attached to your computer, or if you want to print the document on a printer other than the one attached to your computer.

To print to a file

Wordperfect Quattro Pro btnbacktotopproc Printing to a file
Click File Wordperfect Quattro Pro onestep Printing to a file Print.
Click the Details tab.
Enable the Print to file option.
Click the Browse button.
Choose the drive and folder where you want to save the file.
Type the name for the file in the File name box.
Click Save.
Click Print.

Wordperfect Quattro Pro tip Printing to a file

When you print to a file, you can print directly from DOS to the printer it was formatted for. For example, if the file you printed to is named LETTER, saved to C:\, and the computer you are using is printing to LPT1, type copy/b c:\letter at a DOS prompt, then press Enter. You can also print the file using the DOS Print command. See the DOS reference manual for more information.

Printing to a file