Reference: Printing

This topic provides additional information about printing files to a disk.

Printing to files

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If you are planning to send the file to a service bureau for printing, you can print it to a file and then deliver the file to the service bureau on a disk or as an e-mail attachment. The file can then be printed from another computer, whether or not that computer has a copy of WordPerfect Office installed.

Printing files to disk creates a PostScript file when you have a PostScript printer installed. PostScript is a page description language used to send instructions to a PostScript device about how to print each page. All the elements in a print job (for example, curves and text) are represented by lines of PostScript code that the printing device uses to produce the document.

PostScript is not the only method for sending instructions to a printing device, and some printing devices are not compatible with PostScript. However, there are several functions that are unavailable if you are not using the PostScript printing device language. For example, without PostScript, you cannot adjust color separations and halftone screens.

Reference: Printing