Selecting text

Before you can change the properties of text items in a chart, you must select them. Quattro Pro provides two edit modes for text manipulation: select mode, and edit mode. Direct editing of text is not available when in select mode, and all changes are applied to the entire text string. For example, can change the size of the entire text item, and apply a box to it. When the text is in edit mode, you can apply changes to individual characters. For example, you can change the size and color of the first character in a word. Edit mode is available for titles, subtitles, axes titles, and footnotes.

Quattro Pro also lets you browse between the text items in a chart in the Text properties dialog box.

To select text

Wordperfect Quattro Pro btnbacktotopproc Selecting text

To select
Do the following
An entire text string
Click a chart, and click the text you want.
A single character
Click a chart, click the text, and click and drag over the characters you want.

To select text items in the Text Properties dialog box

Wordperfect Quattro Pro btnbacktotopproc Selecting text
Click a chart.
Select the text.
Click Chart Wordperfect Quattro Pro onestep Selecting text Text properties.
Choose the text from the list box under the chart preview window.
If you want to select an individual character, click and drag over the character in the text edit window.

Selecting text